Strada / Strada DBE

Strada / Strada DBE – Warmth and efficiency with cutting edge design

With all the benefits of Jaga’s Low H2O technology, the Jaga Strada is one of our best sellers offering a discreet slim-line contemporary design with flat front panel and stylish aluminium grille. The cool-touch front panel is available in traffic-white or a cool sandblast metallic grey as standard, with many other colour options available.
  • Quick reaction times, energy cost savings

    Award winning Low-H2O technology contain 90% less water when filled than steel panel radiators so heat up and cool down faster with no wasteful over-heating or demand on heating systems.

  • Easy installation, safety options

    Pre-assembled, one piece casing is lightweight and easy to install. Can be installed with integrated valves and concealed connections.

  • The sustainable choice

    Heat pumps, solar or low energy systems operate with low water temperatures requiring large, traditional radiators to reach comfortable room outputs. But Jaga Low-H2O radiators, like Strada, partnered with Dynamic Boost Effect (DBE), provide two to three times more output at the same compact size.

Strada / Strada DBE – Warmth and efficiency with cutting edge design
  • Flexible delivery

    We can arrange split deliveries to accommodate installation schedules or onsite storage limitations and reduce damage to finished goods.

  • Improve indoor air quality

    Can be partnered with Jaga’s Oxygen ventilation technology to deliver combined ventilation and heating in one system.

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