Iguana Aplano & Aplano Plus

Iguana Aplano – Artistic inspired ingenuity

The Iguana Aplano is part of the award winning Iguana range, a series of stylish and powerful heating solutions, inspired by a child's circular drawing of a sun. The unique slim triangular radiant pipes can be built on a curve to form circular designs or aligned side by side to form a flat plane with the Iguana Aplano.
  • Powerful heating and striking design

    The striking and flexible design make an aesthetic statement with flexible sizes and colour available to suit any interior.

  • Quality, guaranteed

    The high performance radiator comes with testing certification to EN442 standards.

Iguana Aplano - Artistic inspired ingenuity
  • Plus+ powerful outputs and compatibility with low temeprature system:

    Aplano is available as Aplano Plus for a stylish choice with higher outputs with specifically designed side panels create a chimney effect – adding 40% more warmth.

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