Efficient perimeter heating for shallow depths - Mini Canal

Mini Canal is discrete and efficient trench heater, delivered fully-assembled and ready to fit. Under the grille is an ultra-fast Jaga Low-H2O heating element – making it energy efficient and quick to respond to temperature changes.
  • Quick reaction times, energy cost savings

    Award winning Low-H2O technology heat up and cool down faster with no wasteful over-heating or demand on heating systems.

  • Shallow and discrete

    Available in shallow depths from 90mm to 190mm.  All internal elements are coloured dark grey to ensure they are concealed in the shallow trench.

  • Eye-catching grilles and curved lengths

    A huge range of grille options, from wood finishes to designer styles. Trench trays and grilles are also available in curved lengths.

Mini Canal – Efficient in floor heating for shallow depths from 90mm
  • Versatile connections

    Mini Canal can be controlled by an in line or zonal valve with a room stat, with lockshield valves on the actual heating element for isolation purposes.  Alternatively a manual valve could be fitted to the trench heater itself.

  • A sustainable boost

    Heat pumps, solar or low energy systems operate with low water temperatures requiring larger, heating units. But Jaga Low-H2O heaters, like Mini Canal, partnered with Dynamic Boost Effect (DBE), provide two to three times more output at the same compact size.

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