Micro Canal

Small, powerful trench heating - Micro Canal

Despite its modest size and shallow depths, Micro Canal delivers powerful heating from an adjustable height of 65-80mm.
  • Quick reaction times, energy cost savings

    Award winning Low-H2O technology heat up and cool down faster with no wasteful over-heating or demand on heating systems.

  • Shallow and discrete

    Available in shallow depths from 65mm.  All internal elements are coloured black to ensure they are concealed in the shallow trench.

Micro Canal – Maximum efficiency and warmth from minimum dimensions
  • Easy to install

    Easy to install, into a floor, with solid construction and flexible connectors. Telescopic height adjustment technology provides seamless alignment between grille and surface.

  • A sustainable boost

    Heat pumps, solar or low energy systems operate with low water temperatures requiring larger, heating units. But Jaga Micro Canal, can still provide relatively high outputs even at low temperatures.

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