Freedom Clima

Dynamic trench heating & cooling unit - Freedom Clima

Compact, elegant, freestanding design providing powerful heating outputs. Ideal for use with heat pumps and other low water temperature heating systems.  Select your size, output and load requirements to determine if Clima or Micro is right for you.
  • Combined climate control in one place

    Heating and cooling, ventilation all in one unit.

  • Flexible and free cooling

    Suitable for non-condensing and condensing cooling using chilled water. Fitted with a condensate tray as standard.

Freedom Clima – Highly efficient dynamic heating and cooling, with any energy source
  • Strong, stylish and unique casing design

    The casing shell is based on a gently curved, double-skin aluminium profile, for an extremely strong radiator and unique design. Elegant aluminium or stainless steel grilles complete the refined finish.

  • Design freedom

    Compact stylish and freestanding, the Freedom units fit seamlessly into design concepts. Standard colour options are white and sandblast grey. Colour schemes can be customised to include contrasting colours on end panels and bespoke patterns.

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