Heating, cooling & ventilation unit - Clima Canal

Despite its modest size, Clima Canal delivers powerful heating, cooling and ventilation in one unit. Clima Canal uses electric commutation (EC) motors for high performing, energy savings and for seamless integration with the latest automated building management systems.
  • Complete climate control in one

    Heating, cooling, ventilation all in one unit.

  • Efficient consumption and integration

    EC motor technology controls fan rotation speed. With more accurate flow rate control comes up to 50% less energy consumption. This also allows for easy integration with building management systems controls using the same technology.

  • Quiet, sustainable efficiency

    Powerful, yet inaudible heating, cooling and ventilation that also work with heat pumps.

  • Low maintenance, over a lifetime

    The brushless system means little to no maintenance, less noise and a longer product lifetime.

Clima Canal – Heating, cooling and ventilation in one compact unit
  • Easy to install

    Easy to install, into a floor, with solid construction and flexible connectors. Telescopic height adjustment technology provides seamless alignment between grille and surface.

  • Eye-catching grilles

    A huge range of grille options, from wood finishes to designer styles. Available in rigid or roll-up grilles ranging in size and finish to match any interior.

  • Versatile connections

    Available in both 2- and 4-pipe versions, the clima canal range is a versatile solution for the heating and cooling

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