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Jaga's LST technology

LST: Safer, stronger, greener

Jaga’s innovative collection of LST radiators provides a wide choice of safe heating solutions for any application where children or vulnerable adults may be present. Our radiators conform to the NHS Estates Health Guidance Notes on surface temperature and casing design. Jaga’s LST range also includes the Guardian, Play and Tempo radiators, as well as specialist LST products such as continuous casings and built-in units. To view the full range, click here.

Which radiators are LST radiators?

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Safety first

The outer casing temperature of a Jaga LST radiator remains cool to touch, even at high flow temperatures, reducing the possibility of burns. In comparison standard radiators can reach a surface temperature of 75 degrees, which can cause partial thickness burns in one second and full thickness burns in less than 10 seconds.

Low-H2O Technology

Jaga's Low-H2O radiators are low-mass, low-water content products, using only a tenth of the water and weight of that required by standard steel panel radiators. This means faster response, better comfort and lower fuel bills. All Jaga LST radiators make use of this technology, making each product cheap to run and environmentally-friendly.


Jaga offers more than just efficient Low Surface Temperature radiators heating products - our expert consultants are on hand to help you specify the best solution for any project. For a detailed guide to choosing LST radiators, click on one of the following relevant applications to download a PDF:

For more detailed information on LST technical details, colour options and valve connection options, please select one of the following PDF documents:


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