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Jaga's DBE technology

Dynamic boost effect (DBE)

Jaga DBE radiators and trench heating can quickly and efficiently heat a room even when connected to environmentally-friendly or low water temperature heating systems, providing a viable alternative to expensive and less responsive underfloor heating systems. The DBE fan unit is attached to the heat exchanger within the radiator and draws air over the element – increasing the efficiency of the radiator and helping to quietly circulate air around the room. Whilst the DBE unit maintains rapid, effective and accurate room comfort conditions, it can also supply a quick boost of heat if required.


As easy to use as it is ingenious

Automatic or manual – either way, you are in control
DBE radiators can be set to run to their own automated programmes, or set to respond to direct input via the control panel. A single button sets the radiator to run in standby, comfort or boost mode.

DBE can be added to existing Jaga Low-H2O radiators to further improve heat output and operating efficiency. Click here to read more about installing DBE technology into existing Low-H2O products.

DBE products open up a whole new world of energy-saving possibilities. To understand how DBE operates and to find out detailed technical specifications for heat output, acoustic data and installation, call Jaga on 01531 631533 or click here.

DBE inside

Which radiators work with DBE?

To view all products that can have DBE inside click here to open advanced search.
Once on the Advanced search page - tick the box that says 'DBE' and press 'go'. You will get a list of all compatible products.


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