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Strada DBE boost function

Posted on 23/03/2014 8:13pm

I have several Jaga Strada DBEs installed in my house. My question relates to the function of the boost buttons. There are three lights on the boost button (on/off, comfort and boost). One click switches the on/off light on, a further click switches both the comfort and boost lights on (and the fans come on). One more click switches the comfort and boost lights off (fans go off). Press and hold switches the on/off light off. The question is, what's the comfort light for ? I can't see how to switch the comfort light on without also switching the boost light on.

Thank you

1 Replies
  • Jaga_JustinV
    Commented on 24/03/2014 9:17am

    Hello Adrian,

    The comfort mode light will come on automatically once the sensor detects hot water in the heating element and there is demand for heat in the room. As you say, you can press the button to activate the boost function once the comfort light is on to give you an increase in output for 15 minutes.

    I have attached a PDF to show the different functions and light cycles.

    Kind regards

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