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LST freestanding total height

Posted on 18/02/2014 12:20pm

Hi everybody,

Regarding the height of the freestanding Tempo LST, is the given 200/300/400mm height the total height from floor to top of radiator?
The relative pdf isn't clear on that.
Additionally if not, what's the height of their leg support? A sketch, in mounting instructions, shows something like 13.5>18.5. Do we specify the height (from 13.5 to 18.5) or it depends on the height and model of radiator chosen?

I hope that I expressed my question clearly.

Thanks a lot

2 Replies
  • Jaga_JustinV
    Commented on 18/02/2014 12:36pm

    Good afternoon,

    The overall height of the casing is shown, as you say, as 200mm, 300mm, 400mm etc but this doesn't include the feet. The standard feet are adjustable from 135mm to 185mm so this will need to be taken into consideration when situating the unit in its final location.

    So, if you had a 400mm high casing with standard feet, the overall height would be between 535mm-585mm

    When you place order you only need to state the casing height, for example...

    a code of TEMF.040.100.10 would indicate a casing size of 400 x 1000mm T10. You do not need to detail the height of the feet. Just ensure that you use the correct prefix code of TEMF...instead of TEMW... (TEMW is the wall mounted model).

    If you require the longer extended feet (225-290mm) as per page 20 of LST book, then you will need to add the code /AL to the code.

    I trust that this is satisfactory.

    Kind regards

  • Georgios
    Commented on 18/02/2014 12:39pm

    Thanks a lot !!!!

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