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Jaga Geo Horizontal

Posted on 22/01/2014 3:45pm

I have three Jaga Geo Horizontal Radiators and all three have stopped heating up. The other conventional radiators on the circuit all heat up fine and the feed pipe the Geo radiators is hot. If the system does require balancing can you advise how to do so, or if there is a blockage how to isolate the radiator to clear said blockage?

Many thanks

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  • Jaga_JustinV
    Commented on 22/01/2014 4:13pm

    Good afternoon,

    Do you know if the units were balanced when originally put in? All radiators on a heating system should be balanced when put on or added to a system to ensure optimum operation. I have attached the valve document to this reply which shows at the end how to balance a system, if you are not experienced with heating systems it might be better to leave for a qualified heating engineer / plumber to do this.

    If the units have been giving off heat and now stopped with nothing being done to the system and if there are pressed steel panel radiators on the system then it might be that there is a build up of sludge either in the extension tube leading from the valve or collected in the flexible tubes. This will require a clear out of the valves / hoses and might mean that the system needs a flush. Again, it might be best to consult a qualified plumber.

    Hope this helps but if you need any further information please contact Jaga directly - Jaga@Jaga.co.uk

    Kind regards

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