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opening the Jaga DBE

Posted on 29/12/2013 5:10pm

I have Jaga DBE fitted in my house. Is there a manual that shows how to take the cover off or any instructions should I need to get any objects that have fallen inside.

2 Replies
  • Anonymous user
    Commented on 29/12/2013 5:11pm

    Hi Gemma - the Jaga offices are currently closed for the Christmas/New Year break but when we are back online we'll be back to you on this.

    Happy New Year from the Jaga team.

  • Jaga_JustinV
    Commented on 29/12/2013 7:25pm

    hello Gemma,

    Please see the details below.

    · Remove the TRV head, depending on the head there might be a collar around the bottom, this might be white or black depending on which TRV head you purchased. You will need to ease the collar apart to unscrew the head.
    · Remove the back bar.
    · Next remove the top grille.
    · Once the above parts have been removed you will need to gently lift the casing up about 10mm and then move the casing left or right by about 20mm, depending where the TRV is, once you have cleared the valve then bring the casing forward and place to one side.

    Please ensure you take care not to damage or rip any of the DBE parts including cables.

    To replace simply reverse these instructions.

    Kind regards.

    Justin .

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