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Radiator shelves

Posted on 25/10/2013 1:27am

I'm considering Strada radiators in the near future - what is your opinion on radiator shelves?
I use them at present to good effect with steel panel rads [approx 300mm deep].
Thank You,
Jim B.

1 Replies
  • Jaga_JustinV
    Commented on 25/10/2013 9:47am

    Hello Jim,

    If you wish to mount a shelve above one of our Stradas then this is fine as long as you leave a minimum clearance as shown below depending on type of element used:

    T06, T10 & T11 - 100mm clearance between top of grille and any shelves.
    T15/T16 - 120mm clearance
    T20/21 - 150mm clearance

    This space is needed to allow natural convection to occur.

    I trust that this is satisfactory.

    Kind regards

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