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Long curtains

Posted on 23/10/2013 3:30am

I am considering installing Strada radiators under our windows as we need all the wall space in our rooms. The windows are brand new and very efficient in keeping the heat in. We would also like the option of long curtains.
Am I correct in thinking that:
1. The casing of the Stradas doesn't get very hot as the main method of heat transfer is convection?
2. If there is sufficient clearance underneath the radiator and no plinth covering the curtain rail the convection would still work despite the curtain being drawn across the radiator?
Thanks, C

3 Replies
  • Jaga_JustinV
    Commented on 23/10/2013 7:49am

    Good morning,

    here are the answers to your questions.

    1. Yes, the casing on the Strada is 'cool to touch' as the main method of heating is via convection.

    2. depending on the type of Strada (T06, 10, 11, etc) there needs to be 100-150mm clearance between floor and bottom of the Strada to allow for convection. However, if you are drawing the curtains across the radiator the heat will continue up towards the ceiling so you may not feel the full benefit of the heat as the warmth will stay at the top of the room. We normally advise that the top of the Strada has a clearance of a minimum of 100mm to allow for the warm air to be thrown out into the room, any curtains will create a barrier and as mentioned above will just guide the warm air up to the top of the room.

    I trust that this answers your questions but if you require any further information please come back to us.

    Kind regards

  • Christoph
    Commented on 23/10/2013 9:33am

    Thanks for getting back so quickly - much appreciated. Considering what you said I will go for 200mm height which will give enough clearance below and above. That means in some cases going for type 10 or 15 as type 11 is not available in that height.
    Bearing in mind that the new windows are very high performance and should therefore not cause cold down drafts, will I actually need the twin heat exchanger of type 06?
    Thanks, C

  • Jaga_JustinV
    Commented on 24/10/2013 1:33am

    If these are the primary heating in the room then you will need to select units to give the required heat load for the room. If you are happy to stick to single elements (such as T10/15) then you can avoid using the twin elements (T06, 11 & 16 ). It is a balance of getting the heat load requirements and being happy with the overall aesthetics of the product.

    Hope this helps but if you have any further questions please get in touch.

    Kind regards

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