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lack of heat

Posted on 20/10/2013 3:48pm

I have Jaga linea radiators and they do not give out much heat; how can I make them work so that they heat my house?

1 Replies
  • Jaga_JustinV
    Commented on 21/10/2013 8:52am

    Hello SImon,

    to help identify why the Linea is not giving much heat can you answer the following questions?

    1. How long have you had the unit and have they always not given enough output?
    2. What sizes are they?
    3. are they running on a normal boiler or a renewable source (such as an air source heat pump?).
    4. Were they sized correctly to give the required room heat loss or were they selected based purely on available free space?
    5. has the flow and return been piped up correctly?
    6. has the plastic been taken off the heating elements (this has happened in the past).
    7. is the flow pipe leading into the TRV and return pipe coming out hot ? If not then there may be a blockage somewhere or the TRVs might be sticking.

    If you could answer these questions then we can try to eliminate some possible causes.

    Kind regards

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