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Jaga Iguana only partially heating up - one valve not functioning?

Posted on 16/12/2012 2:15pm

I have Jaga Iguana Arco radiator (vertical) that is fitted with a Jaga Iguana Angled Wall Mounted Decorative Thermostatic Radiator Valve Connector - Does this valve have a setting on the back for switching between one pipe or two pipe operation? The only reason I ask is that one half of the radiator is not heating up properly and it is the bit at the bottom on one side, just above one side of the valve so it appears water is only flowing through one of the valves rather than both.
I have fully bled the radiator and am just getting water out of both bleed valves at the top, indeed both sides of the top of the rad are quite hot, it's the bottom right hand side near to the valve that's not.
Any help much appreciated!

1 Replies
  • Anonymous user
    Commented on 16/12/2012 2:15pm


    Thank you for your post, with regards to the question about the valve - yes, they do have a setting on the back of the valve to switch between one & two pipe, however, from what you telling me it sounds as if the unit is heating up ok but just has some trapped air in the one location - the air being trapped in the elbows at the back of the unit. It sounds like you have done the correct thing in venting but what you will need to do is to help 'persuade' the trapped air to move up and out of the unit. To do this you will need to apply a bit of force to the area that is not warming up compeltely and then vent again (best to wrap your hand in a tea towel and give a number of firm hits to the cold areas a number of times a day for a few days, this should help work it up and out). Once this has been done you can vent again, it might also be useful to turn all the other radiators off on the system and open the valve fully on this one to help the air be forced out.

    I trust that this is satisfactory.

    Kind regards.

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