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I have hada a Jaga Geo since 2010. Not getting warm!! help

Posted on 16/12/2012 2:12pm

It has now stopped getting warm. Part of gas central heating system. Have bled and re ballanced whole system, but while entry pipe gets warm radiator doesn't. can you advise please?

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  • Anonymous user
    Commented on 16/12/2012 2:12pm

    Hell Graham,

    Thank you for your question. Is it a Geo vertical or horizontal model?

    If the unit has been working fine and has now stopped working it might be that a build up of crust or debris has built up around the pin in the valve and stopping it from working, this happens when the heating system has been off during the summer and then turned back on in the autumn / winter.

    If it is a Geo horizontal have you bled the stone as well as the heat exchanger? the bleeding nut for the actual stone is located towards the top back left of the unit - please be very careful when venting this as if you turn the nut too much and remove it completely it is very hard to get back on.

    If you could check the above and let me know the outcome we can proceed from there.


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