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the basic low water content rad with air to water heat pump

Posted on 13/11/2012 7:04am

Hi I have been asked to price up a job consisting of an ATWHP and 7 rads in a domestic bungalow. I have been advised buy the heat pump rep that i need to oversize my rads by 50%. My first question is , is this true for your rads or do you advise on using your calculations in the instructions for sizing. I think the figures will be 50c flow 30c return and desired temp 20c. My second question is what size copper tube would you advise using for the heating curcuit. On a normal gas boiler system I would use 22mm down to 15mm down to 10mm for final rad connection. FYI i am looking at using you 'basic' low water content radiators, any advise?. Many thanks jonathan

1 Replies
  • JagaAdmin
    Commented on 26/08/2012 10:11pm

    Hi Jon,

    Thanks for your question. We will respond in full when the Jaga Technical Department returns to work on Tuesday after the Bank Holiday. For the moment though we can clarify that oversizing of the rads is NOT necessary when using Jaga DBE radiators with heat pumps.

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