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GEO VERTICAL 180x60 mm

Posted on 12/11/2012 7:35am

Hi Is it possible to increase heat output of GEO VERTICAL 180x60 mm
- whats the total heat output combined of water+electric?

3 Replies
  • Justin_Jagauk
    Commented on 21/08/2012 2:09pm

    The output on the Geo vertical 1800 x 600 mm is 971 watts based on 75/65/20 design temperature. The only way to inrease the output on a central heating system is to run it at a higher setting (normal domestic boilers run at around 82/71 so you would get approximately an extra 13% or so more output from it based on a room temperature of 21c).

    If you use an electric element with it (black model only) you can use the appropriate element that gives 1500 watts.

    If you combine the unit - both electric and CH system then you will get the above outputs depending on what source is being used at that time.

    Hope this helps.

    Kind regards

  • Anna
    Commented on 21/08/2012 2:33pm

    Thanks a lot for the quick reply. So is it possible to use both water and electric element at the same time? Plan to use in central heating apartment, so not possible to manage higher boiling setting individually in my apartment only. Whats the total output on combined water (average)+ electric element?

  • Justin_Jagauk
    Commented on 21/08/2012 3:55pm

    You won't get a combined total from the two sources, the electric element has a total capacity of 1500 watts which gives the water this energy and in turn heats up the radiator. People only usual have the electic element if they wish to have a bit of summer heating so they don't have to turn the full heating system on, it's not designed to help increase output.


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