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Posted on 15/11/2012 12:47am

how do i bleed the cocoon lst

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  • Justin_Jagauk
    Commented on 12/12/2011 9:43pm

    Hello Kevin, thank you for your question.

    To vent the Cocoon please see the information below.

    Simply turn off the heating system and slightly open the air vent (some radiators will require a radiator vent key, others may need a small screwdriver) until water is noted at the air vent. Take care to protect decorated surfaces with a cloth prior to opening the air vent. Gently close the vent and switch the system back on. If the radiators need venting frequently, there may be a fault with the system and a heating engineer should be called.

    The air vent is located on the top of the heating element at the same end as that of the valve. Depending on the age of the unit, it may be a brass elbow or an extended grey air vent tube with a clear bit of plastic pipe attached. If you have the brass elbow air vent you will need to remove the casing, if you have the extended air vent you should be able to do this by simply removing the top grille.

    I trust that this helps, however, if you require any further advice please contact Jaga technical department.


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