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Radiators for Air Source Heat Pump

Posted on 15/11/2012 4:21pm

Can radiators be used with air source heat pumps at low temperatures such as 35C?
If so, what will the COP be reduced by, if at all?
Thanks in advance.

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  • Justin_Jagauk
    Commented on 10/03/2013 4:20pm

    Hello Emma, thank you for your post.

    Using Jaga equipment will allow you to operate your system at a low water flow temperature, potentially down to 35 C. As heat pumps operate most efficiently at low water flow temperatures, this will maximise the heat pumps efficiency....without the penalty of having large oversized radiators. Your heat pump supplier will be able to tell you the COP. Further the low water content of Jaga rads improves response times, increasing system efficiencies further still.

    You can use our units with or without the DBE function, however, using the DBE will help to bring the size of the units down. If you would like to submit heat loss calcs or room loads along with any height / length restrictions we will be happy to select some sizes for you.


    COP applies to the heat pump end, it s nothing to do with us. Put simply it s the ratio of energy in to heating out.....typicallyit s around 3.5 these days i.e. 1kW electricity consumed produces 3.5kW of heating. Usually quotes at 7 C outdoor temp, COPs are worse as the outdoor ambient temp drops. But importantly for us they improve as the water flow temp also drops....which is where we come in as we can operate down to 30-35 C.

    You may also come across SEER....seasonal energy efficiency ratio. It s pretty much the same thing but is measured across various ambient temperatures, so it s a yearly average. A bit lower than COP but is a more realistic measurement.

    Yours sincerely.


  • EmmaMarisa
    Commented on 17/11/2011 1:52pm

    Thanks very much for all the information, the heat loss for each room is as follows:
    Lounge - 1700W
    Dining Room - 965W
    Kitchen - 663W
    Bedroom 1 - 605W
    Bedroom 2 - 460W
    Bedroom 3 - 383W
    Bedroom 4 - 330W
    Study - 780W
    Utility Room - 561W
    Bathroom - 126W

    I worked these out myself so if they seem unlikely, let me know.
    Thanks in advance. Emma

  • Justin_Jagauk
    Commented on 17/11/2011 2:04pm

    Hello Emma,

    If you would like to e-mail your details to jaga@jaga.co.uk we can prepare an official quotation for you.

    We will base the selections on 35/30/20
    Strada DBE

    Hope this is ok.


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