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Clima canal air flow

Posted on 13/11/2012 4:21pm

What is the air flow (CFM) capability of the Clima Canal fans? How much are do they circulate at full speed?

1 Replies
  • AndyW_JagaUK
    Commented on 20/10/2011 4:04pm

    Good Morning.
    each fan, when running at full speed (2300rpm) has an airflow of 81m³/hr. This equates to approx 47 cfm.
    Depending on the length of the unit depends on the number of fans fitted.
    CC1 (570mm long) has 1 fan
    CC2 (970mm long) has 2 fans
    CC3 (1370mm long) has 3 fans
    CC4 (1770mm long) has 4 fans
    Andy W
    Jaga UK

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