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Heat pump + combi boiler

Posted on 16/11/2012 7:18pm

Is it possible to combine the supply from an Air source Heat pump and a Gas Combi boiler to Jaga radiators? We would prefer to generate DHW from the Combi Boiler only because of space restrictions (ie no room for DHW storage cylinder)
Thank you,
Ian, Project Manager, Riversmeet Community Cooperative

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  • AndyW_JagaUK
    Commented on 19/09/2011 9:31am

    From the point of view of the Jaga radiators, there is no problem supplying the hot water from a mixed source. It is actually quite common to use a heat pump and then secondary system to boost the water temperature as required (especially in mid winter).
    When selecting the radiators you will need to be aware of the water temperature to ensure that the radiators are suitably sized for the water flow temperature.
    You will need to discuss this also with the manufacturers of the heat pump and boiler as there may be other issues that affect the repective devices.
    Jaga UK

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