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How doI check what size of Low-H2O radiators I need. Thanks

Posted on 16/11/2012 8:13pm

Radiator's size

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  • Justin_Jagauk
    Commented on 13/05/2011 7:41pm

    Hello, thank you for your message.

    Firstly, you would need to know what heat loss (output in watts) you will need for which ever room you wish to use one of our Low H2O units (be it a Strada, Linea, Mini etc).

    Secondly, you would need to confirm what design criteria you are using (flow of boiler, return to boiler and desired room temperature). All manufacturers have to show the same outputs based on 75/65/20 - (flow/return/room).
    If you are using a normal boiler your design temperatures would likely be 82/71 (F&R) and a varying room temperature depending on which room it is in (e.g. Bedrooms 18c, Living Room 21c, Bathroom 23c). If you are using a renewable source your operating temperatures are likely to be in the region of 45/40/20.
    Once you have that information we can go from there.

    Let us assume you need 1000 watts for a room and you are using a normal boiler and you wish to use a Strada. You can use the 500mm h x 1000mm l x T10 which would give 1076 watts based on 75/65/20.

    If you would like to e-mail the information required then we can help you with a selection.

    It's actually a lot simpler than I have made it sound so if you would like to have a go at sizing some units and would like us to confirm then please send an e-mail to jaga@jaga.co.uk

    Yours sincerely.


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