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Project. Barn Office in Shelley Suffolk:

Posted on 17/11/2012 10:35am
Chris Mason

Currently only has woodburner stove. Will retain for occasional use) Timber Barn dimensions : Length 21m Width 6m Height 6m to Apex. Insulation Good.
Proposed new heat source 12kW Ground source heat pump.
Would like to install Knockonwood DBE Rads. R1 - R3 600mm high 1500mm long R4 - R5- 300mm high and 1500mm long .
Barn to have a new curved entrance wall L=12m W= 3 m H=2.5m with sliding doors - R6- R? Mini canals max length to suit curved frontage with approx. 30 m2 extra floor space.
Please advise on radiator outputs and dimensions.

1 Replies
  • Justin_Jagauk
    Commented on 29/03/2011 8:00pm

    Hello, thank you for your question.
    This is a bit complex to reply to on the forum, could you e-mail all details, including the following;

    design temperatures of system
    drawings (as we will need this for the curved sections).
    preferred grille finish on Mini Canal.
    heat losses worked out by a consultant (if you have them).

    e-mail to jaga@jaga.co.uk or fax to 01531 631 534

    alternatively one of our reps could come and do a site visit to help determine in more detail what is required.

    many thanks.

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