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Replacement casing for Strada radiator

Posted on 16/11/2012 8:13pm

I have a Jaga Strada type 11 radiator, height 650mm. I would like to replace the casing with one that is shorter, preferably a 200mm one. The radiator itself is fine, I just want to make the change for cosmetic reasons. Is it possible just to buy a replacement casing and replace that, without having to touch the mechanism of the radiator, or do I have to buy a whole new radiator? Thanks

1 Replies
  • AndyW_JagaUK
    Commented on 07/03/2011 9:13am

    Good Morning,
    Unfortunately a 200mm high casing will not fit on a Type 11 radiator (the Type 11 heat exchanger is 200mm high). The minimum casing height you could fit is 350mm. You can purchase a 350mm high casing as a seperate item, but you would also need to purchase the 350mm high Type 11 brackets.
    You will need to remove the heat exchanger from the existing brackets. This will be easier if the heat exchnager is disconnected from the valves. The valves and pipework can stay the same.
    Please note that by reducing the height from 650mm to 350mm you will reduce the output of the radiator by approximately 20-30%.
    Andy W
    Jaga UK

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