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How to close valves

Posted on 16/11/2012 9:40am

How do I turn off a Strada two pipe valve set to enable me to remove the radiator?Thank you

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  • AndyW_JagaUK
    Commented on 07/02/2011 9:02am

    Good Morning.
    Once you have removed the TRV head and the casing, fit the decorators cap that was supplied with the valve. This will close the flow side of the valve.
    If you do not have the decorators caps (some installers will through them away after installation is complete) refit the TRV head and set it to frost (*). This will keep the flow side closed providing the room temperature doesn't drop below 6.5 Deg C.
    To close the return side remove the silver cap that is located below the threads that the TRV head fits on to. Once the cap is removed you will see a hexagonal hole. Using a 6mm allen key wind this in until it bottoms out, counting the number of turns. When re-opening this, open it the same number of turns to ensure the system is returned to its original balancing position.
    Andy W
    Jaga UK

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