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hi I am installling a g source heat pump and need advice on rads verses under floor heating

Posted on 17/11/2012 9:09am

advice please on rads or under floor heating most efficiant to heat with goun source heat pump

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  • JagaAdmin
    Commented on 14/01/2011 3:37pm

    Hi Christine, thanks for your question. Not easy to answer as it really depends on the application. The first thing I can categorically say is that both Jaga rads & UFH are more energy efficient than conventional panel rads. BRE will confirm this. Most heat pump manufacturers approve both Jaga rads & UFH...not panel rads. The main disadvantage with UFH is that due to it's high thermal mass it responds slowly to temperature change - so it heats up slowly, & cools down slowly. This may not be suitable for older, less well insulated properties. Jaga low water content rads respond very quickly due there low water content & thermal mass; this is the key to our efficiency. Construction is also an issue with UFH - it simply may not be possible to use on a refurb, or say an upper floor. The ideal is to use UFH for background heating, then use Jaga rads to 'trim' the temperature, but clearly this is expensive. We can give you more advice if you can give us more details of your project, & let us know which heat pump you are using? There are also test results on this site of Jaga rads against conventional rads & UFH which may be usefull - look under technical support. Alternatively please ring Jaga on 01531 633531.

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