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Basic DBE vs Strada DBE

Posted on 13/11/2012 9:20am

It would appear that the Basic DBE provides more heat than the same side Strada DBE, especially at lower water temperatures.

Am I reading this correct?


3 Replies
  • Justin_Jagauk
    Commented on 13/09/2010 3:12pm

    Hello, thank you for your question, looking at our literature and taking a sample size of Basic with DBE of 520mm high x 1000mm long T11 and a Strada DBE 500mm high x 1000mm long x T11, using 55/45/20 as design temps the outputs are as follows;

    Strada.050.100.11.DBE = 1192 watts (comfort mode).
    Basic.052.100.11.DBE = 1091 watts (comfort mode).

    So the Strada is coming out slightly better than the Basic. Are you comparing Basic DBE to standard Strada or comparing different heights as Strada heights differ to those of the Basic?

    Hope this helps but if you need any further help please do not hesitate to contact the Jaga Technical Department.



  • englishteeth
    Commented on 14/09/2010 3:13pm

    Thanks for the response. I was using the table on the web page as the source of the Strada DBE data and the PDF of the Basic DBE.

    I would appear that the lower temperature figures shown there for the Strada DBE are incorrect.


  • Justin_Jagauk
    Commented on 14/09/2010 4:04pm

    Hello Ian,

    Thank you for your observations, I think I know what the issue is.

    Looking at it in more depth the Basic DBE outputs are only showing at 75/65/20 outputs (DT50). If you have dropped the box down on the Strada page and selected the lower design temperatures (55/45/20) then the outputs will show a significant difference between the outputs of the two products.

    The correction factor for the Basic DBE outputs @ DT50 (75/65/20) is 0.6, so if you have an output of 1292 watts for a Basic DBE 520 x 1000 x T10, multiply this by 0.6 (1292 x 0.6) = 775 at a 55/45/20 (DT30).

    If you would like any further help or assistance please do not hesitate to contact us directly.



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