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Zlota 44 Tower

The EU's tallest residential building, equipped with Jaga Mini Canal trench heaters, Warsaw, Poland

Towering 192m above Warsaw is the Daniel Libeskind-designed Zlota 44 tower, which is the highest residential building in the E.U. While adding sleek 21st century architecture to the Polish capital’s skyline, its steep glazed façades and curved walls could have made efficiently heating the building a challenge.  However, Jaga’s Mini Canal trench heating provided a powerful, ultra-responsive yet discreet solution.

The system can be housed in floor trenches from just 90mm deep, making it perfect for use across multiple storeys and floating floors. Furthermore, the Mini Canal’s grilles are customisable, with over 25 finishes available in aluminium, wood and stainless steel.

At Zlota 44, the support bars of the grilles were painted black, to better obscure vision into the trench unit, and to harmonise with the modern interior design scheme. Zlota 44’s design required many specially fitted, mitred corners, which Jaga supplies at standard angles of 90° and 135°, but are also available to 180° by special request.

The Mini Canal’s Low-H2O technology saves on energy costs and reduces carbon emissions by 10-15% when compared to a standard steel panel radiator.


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