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Torquay Girls Grammar School

New Sixth-Form Building, Devon

Torquay Girls’ Grammar School in Devon required a cost-effective ventilation system that fully satisfied recent Government legislation on heating and ventilation within school buildings. In most cases, the capital and lifetime costs of air conditioning systems make them an unlikely specification for education establishments, so specifier Paul Walters, from Scott Wilson Consulting, chose Jaga Heating’s oXygen system for the School. “Firstly we needed a system that was fit for purpose and one that would comply with both Building Bulletins 101 and 93. The oXygen system met this challenge with ease, but there were also other farreaching benefits to be had for the school in the form of a healthier indoor climate for all and significant energy and cost savings.”

25 Linea Plus low water content Jaga radiators incorporating the oXygen units were installed around the new sixth-form building. A sensor in each room continuously measures CO2 levels and reacts when they become too high by removing stale air through an exhaust built into the roof. This is then replaced by precisely the right quantity of clean, fresh air from outside. The system engages the fans only when there is a need for fresh air, so over-ventilating is avoided and money is not wasted.

During the hot summer period, the oXygen can efficiently pull through cool air from outside to lower the internal temperature. The effectiveness of this cooling is almost on par with costly air conditioning units, but using a fraction of the energy.


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