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The Maltings

Care Home, Peterborough

With every building project, be it new or a refurbishment, the partnership between contractors and manufacturers is incredibly important for projects to run smoothly and no one knows this better than Heatcare and Jaga Heating Products. With a strong partnership built on the back of 18 years of successful projects together there was no question when it came to identifying heating solutions for The Maltings care home that Heatcare would chose Jaga.  

Located in the centre of Peterborough, the £2.7m development by Peterborough Care is a purpose built care home designed to modernise the standards of elderly care available in the area. Accommodating both nursing and residential occupants the care home hosts a selection of state-of-the-art facilities including a cinema room, café, gymnasium and a computing suite assisting residents in living their lives to their fullest potential.

In accordance with the Building Regulations Approved Document M and the NHS Estates Health Guidance Note, when it came to specifying heating systems for the development, Heatcare required Low Surface Temperature (LST) radiators that ticked all the boxes in terms of surface temperature and safe design.  

While Heatcare was very familiar with Jaga’s portfolio of LST solutions, having installed Jaga’s Tempo and Bespoke Maxi LST’s, for this particular project, Peterborough Care required something different. “The client required a durable unit that could provide the heat output required, was safe for the residents, but that consisted of a single panel,” explained Stephen Arrowsmith, Commercial Director at Heatcare. “When describing these requirements to Jaga, they were quick to provide us with a variety of options to choose from.”

After consulting closely with Heatcare throughout the design process Jaga recommended the newest addition to the Jaga LST portfolio – The Guardian. Equipped with Jaga’s Low-H2O, energy-saving heat exchangers, a total of 101 Guardians were installed throughout the development.

While the Guardian provides a safe but powerful heat output, one of its most beneficial features from a contractor’s point of view was its pre-assembly and one-piece casing. “The Guardian was incredibly simple for us to fit throughout the site,” said Stephen. “One of our staff managed to fit 46 brackets and elements in one day. The casings were even quicker, with all 101 fitted in a single work day meaning a large saving on time and installation costs.”

The design of the chosen heating solution was also an important consideration for Heatcare. “Because of the vulnerability of the elderly occupants of The Maltings, it was crucial we installed radiators that were not only cool-to-touch but posed no injury threat to the residents,” said Stephen. Due to its profiled design to avoid sharp edges as well as complete casing to cover exposed pipe work Heatcare was confident the Guardian was the safest heating option for the project.

After working closely with Heatcare for nearly two decades Jaga also has a clear understanding of their logistical requirements for such a project.  “When working on a new build project it is illogical to have equipment and products cluttering constructions sites simply because we do not need them at that time and have nowhere to store them,” explained Stephen. “Jaga’s ability to provide offsite storage and phased deliveries enabled us to consign the heat exchangers and brackets to site only when we were ready for them, with the Guardian casings delivered last. This meant the casings remained in quality condition.”

“We are in the business of partnering with developers, designers and contractors not just on a single project but over the long term assisting in the design and delivery of successful construction and refurbishment projects,” said Phil Marris, Managing Director of Jaga Heating Products UK.

“Heatcare have remained a valued and loyal partner of Jaga for the last 18 years and the successful installation of our new Guardian LST in The Maltings care home has once again proved the value of such a partnership.”


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