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Peninsula Medical School

Peninsula Medical School, Plymouth

Jaga Heating Products has installed a range of radiators throughout the Peninsular Medical School in Plymouth to meet the unique heating needs of the facility.

The Peninsular Medical School is a recently established multi-million pound teaching facility for medical practitioners, and includes new research labs. A number of Jaga’s Iguana Arco radiators are being used in the reception area of the Peninsular Medical School. Dramatic in design, Jaga Iguana Arco radiators are based on a metallic concertina fan.

The high heat output of Iguana Arco radiators is attributable to the innovative construction technique that utilises a series of vertical triangular steel tubes to form the radiator. A combination of floor and wall mounted Panel Plus radiators have been installed throughout the office and general circulation areas of the medical school. The Panel Plus radiator features a sleek, streamlined design and only the flat radiant pipes are visible. The Peninsular Medical School’s atrium is being heated by Jaga’s Deco Panel radiators.

The Deco Panel is an elegant and functional heating panel radiator, which can be fitted in recesses, to the wall and underneath the window. To replicate the real world safe heating required in hospitals, the Peninsular Medical School’s clinical skills rooms and the simulated ward toilet/bath area are heated by Jaga’s Cocoon LST radiators. The Cocoon LST radiator incorporates Low Surface Temperature technology and as such the outer casing of the radiator remains safe to touch, even at high flow temperatures, reducing the possibility of burns and making them ideal for use in hospitals and care environments.


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