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Haydon Wick

Primary School, Swindon

Haydon Wick Primary School was experiencing a number of problems associated with poor heating and air quality in the classrooms; as a result the 290 pupils tended to fall asleep in lessons, feel sluggish and suffer from headaches.

New School Building Bulletins required innovative solutions to this problem. For Haydon Wick, Swindon Borough Council specified the Jaga Oxygen air refreshment system, to provide good air quality and safe, energy-efficient heating. Jaga’s low water content (Low-Low-H2O) Bespoke Maxi LST radiators, incorporating Jaga Oxygen units, were installed in the three classroom extension to the school. The small fans within the units introduce fresh air from outside, and pre-heat it during winter. A sensor in each room measures if the carbon dioxide levels are too high, which occurs when more pupils enter the classroom or activity increases. An exhaust system in the roof then removes exactly the right quantity of stale air which otherwise would leave pupils susceptible to headaches and feelings of lethargy or even nausea. The active CO2 sensor system allows fans to operate only when there is a need for fresh air, preventing the system from over-ventilating and wasting money. The whole Oxygen system is controlled by a PC, making it very easy for Haydon Wick to adjust settings as needed. The system can also be operated remotely, through a secure internet connection.


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