Maxi 2020 LST Continuous

Continuous LST radiator - Maxi 2020 Continuous

Maxi 2020 LST Continuous – Strong, safe and future proof Featuring all the benefits of Jaga’s Low Surface Temperature and Low H2O Technology, Jaga Maxi 2020 LST is our strongest, most durable LST designed to deliver the most efficient LST heating outputs with the lowest energy consumption. Jaga LST’s comply with NHS Estates Health Guidance Note ‘safe hot water & surface temperatures’; under certain design conditions the outlet louvre may fall outside of this guidance.
  • Low surface temperature key safety features

    A super strong casing (1.5mm thick, double folded), designed to remain cool to touch (below 43ºC).  Casings come pre-assembled with rounded corners and casing locks as standard.

  • A range of casing options

    With a choice of front or top outlet grilles and casing to finished floor or above skirting, in a range of sizes and options (such as anti-ligature grilles and anti-bacterial coatings) the Maxi 2020 is a versatile heating solution.

  • Easy installation, easy maintenance

    We can arrange split deliveries of elements and brackets to accommodate installation schedules or onsite storage limitations and reducing damage to finished goods. Removable grilles and removable casings can make maintenance easy without disrupting the plumbing circuit.

Maxi 2020 LST Continuous – Strong, safe and future proof (Copy)
  • Quick reaction times, energy cost savings

    Award winning Low -H2O technology contain 90% less water when filled than steel panel radiators so heat up and cool down faster with no wasteful over-heating or demand on heating systems.

  • The sustainable choice

    Heat pumps, solar or low energy systems operate with low water temperatures requiring large, traditional radiators to reach comfortable room outputs. But Jaga Low-H2O radiators, like Maxi 2020, partnered with Dynamic Boost Effect (DBE), provide two to three times more output at the same compact size.

  • Improve indoor air quality

    Can be partnered with Jaga’s Oxygen ventilation technology to deliver combined ventilation and heating in one system.

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