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Installation Support


We can almost guarantee that when it comes to the heating and ventilating installation phase of any project, you will face one, if not several, unexpected obstacles that could hinder the process – particularly on refurbishment jobs. At Jaga, we will be there to assess these challenges and help you to overcome them.

Sometimes a seemingly small issue can have a disproportionately large impact in terms of delays and cost which is why Jaga’s “we are all in this together” approach to the installation phase of the project has won many fans.

For example, we often provide assistance and advice to installers on major trench heating projects. Perhaps the initial measurements have not accounted for differing floor depths – so adjustable brackets or varying depths of trench units might be required.

Or, perhaps other services have gone in too early so there are trays that have to be avoided or glazed façade bolts encroach where the run of trench was designed to be These are very real problems that Jaga has helped to solve on a regular basis.

Undoubtedly the fact that we will site measure for all major trench heating projects before starting production of products has also averted a raft of other issues.

Once the solution is in position, we also advise on commissioning processes so you can hand over the project confident that its heating and ventilating services are running and performing as projected.

Finally, our customers have a direct line to our technical services team who will address, advise and act on any installation issues or queries you might have.

It is impossible to predict what challenges a project might face, but whatever the issue, Jaga will work closely with you to ensure it is resolved as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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