Unit Heaters

Unit Heaters – Powerful space saver

Ideal for large open spaces, the Jaga Unit heater uses patented Air Venturi System® (AVS) technology to blend heated air with ambient air for efficient heat carrying capacity and temperature distribution.
  • Fast heating, better control

    Our Air Venturi System® (AVS) lowers exhaust temperature giving the unit a superior temperature distribution. The option for modulating discharge grilles allows for warm air where you want it without uncomfortable draughts.

  • Energy consumption reduced by up to 45%

    The AVS® system facilitates improved temperature distribution, reducing running times and saving energy costs. HyBlade® fan combined with EC motor technology, allows operation of the motor and electronic switching and ensures high efficiency at any speed.

  • Considered construction

    The Jaga Low-H2O technology heat exchanger made from an ideal combination of aluminium fins placed on mechanically expanded copper tubes, connected to steel collectors, guaranteeing optimum heat conductivity.

Unit Heaters - Powerful space saver
  • Safer, longer lasting, easy to maintain

    Indirectly heated with no exhaust fumes for better safety, control and efficiency. The low heat generation considerably extends service life of the entire fan unit. With no carbon brushes in the unit – it becomes virtually maintenance free.

  • Simple installation and control

    Easy to install, left / right reversible, ceiling and wall mounted options. The 0-10 VDC variable control means no expensive switching box for power supply control and/or frequency control is required.

  • Attractive finish

    No visible screws or rivets, high quality sandblasted grey lacquer, scratch resistant and dirt repellent finish. Aerodynamic exhaust made of satin black lacquered aluminium.

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