Oxygen – Ventilation intelligently controlled and perfectly measured

Poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) affects how we perform. In offices, it impacts productivity and absenteeism; in care homes high CO2 affects healthy living and comfort and studies show direct links in schools between IAQ and educational performance and student behaviour.   A good link between ventilation and heating is important for achieving safe, healthy levels of IAQ. Jaga Low-H2O radiators and the invisible built-in demand control ventilation (DCV) systems of Oxygen ensure a healthy and comfortable indoor climate throughout the year providing essential monitoring and control.
  • Automated IAQ

    Fully programmable supply and demand extraction system delivering clean, filtered, fresh air on demand, efficiently, in buildings of any age or type ensuring optimum IAQ.

  • Flexible control

    Controls can be centralised, stand-alone or linked to a building management system. Can be specified with all of Jaga Low Surface Temperature and most wall mounted radiators.

  • Schools meet regulatory guidelines

    Helps schools achieve BREEAM Standards and those outlined in BB101: Guidelines on Ventilation, Thermals Comfort and Indoor Air Quality in Schools.

Oxygen - Ventilation intelligently controlled and perfectly measured
  • Increased safety

    Risks associated with natural ventilation (opening a window) including draughts, stuffiness and security are eliminated.

  • Measurably more efficient

    23% more efficient than fixed rate ventilation systems as fresh air is introduced only when triggered.

  • Comfortable, quiet operation

    No draughts, low noise level and little power consumption. In warmer summer months, the boost system can be run to deliver free, effective and secure night-time cooling.