Linea Plus Freestanding

Linea Plus Freestanding: A freestanding, low level slimline design classic

Discrete, slimline design, elegant simple flat front panel with perforated grille. Despite its small proportions, this compact heater comes with all the benefits of the Jaga Low-H2O technology heat exchanger, heating up and cooling down quickly and comes part pre-assembled for fast installation.
  • Quick reaction times, energy cost savings

    Our Award winning Low-H2O technology with super conductive and ultra-fast heat exchanger for low energy consumption and maximum heat emission with safe to touch casing.

  • Powerful outputs from slim design

    Clean lines and minimalistic design in depth variations of 130mm to 230mm and heights from 200mm. Twin heat exchangers for higher outputs are also available in a unit 350mm and 500mm high. Twin emitters can help compensate for the downward cold air flow next to glazed facades or ventilation grilles.

  • Flexible and stylish

    Where wall space is limited or for spaces with large windows, this low level freestanding unit can be fitted wherever is needed.

Linea Plus Freestanding: A freestanding, low level slimline design classic
  • The powerful and sustainable choice

    Heat pumps, solar or low energy systems operate with low water temperatures requiring large, traditional radiators to reach comfortable room outputs. But Jaga Low-H2O technology used in Jaga Linea Plus which also comes fitted with Dynamic Boost Effect (DBE), provides two to three times more heating output and passive cooling at compact sizes.

  • Quality, guaranteed

    The high performance heat exchanger comes with a 30 year guarantee.

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