Render finished decorative radiator - Vertiga

With all the benefits of Jagas Low H2O technology, the Jaga Vertiga series is a range of eye-catching high performing, decorative radiators rendered from natural or recyclable materials in a range of finishes that work with standard systems and renewable sources to suit any interiors.
  • Four striking unique, vertical panel designs

    Each look emulates nature. The Kirei design (featured here) is made entirely of natural materials

  • Quick reaction times, energy cost savings

    Award winning Low-H2O technology means they contain 90% less water than steel panel radiators when filled so heat up and cool down faster with no wasteful over-heating or demand on heating systems.

Vertiga - Radical, renewable and stylish vertical performance
  • The sustainable choice

    Heat pumps, solar or low energy systems operate with low water temperatures requiring large, traditional radiators to reach comfortable room outputs. But Vertiga has two Jaga Low-H2O heat exchangers and coupled with horizontal air flow achieve ultra-high power outputs even at low water temperatures.

  • Pre-assembled, easy to install

    The unique casings come in to pre-assembled parts with all components attached, making them a quick fix and easy to install

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