Iguana Circo Freestanding

Freestanding circular radiator - Iguano Circo Freestanding

Inspired by a child's circular drawing of a sun, the Iguana Circo is a fully functional work of art. With slim triangular radiant pipes built on a curve, the Iguana Circo offers an aesthetic statement and powerful heating solution. The flexible design means it can be fitted as freestanding or around a pillar in open plan interiors.
  • Powerful outputs and striking design options

    The striking and curved flexible design can be used as a stand-alone aesthetic statement; fitted to any interior wall, around architectural columns, pillars or in a corner.

  • Flexible and stylish

    As well as flexible curves, heights and shapes – additional features are available including various sized shelves, a towel rail and a hat rack.

Iguana Circo Freestanding - Artistic inspired ingenuity
  • Quality, guaranteed

    The high performance radiator comes with certification to EN442 standards.

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