Regional Contacts

Jaga manufactures a wide range of energy-efficient, heating, cooling and ventilation solutions. Founded in Belgium in 1962 and established in the UK in 1991, Jaga UK is now one of the UK’s leading distributors of award winning, energy-saving, low-water content and designer products.

Joe Franks
Midlands and SW - Joe Franks
Tel: 07778 852 921 Email: Linkedin:
Francis Smith
North West - Francis Smith
Tel: 07594 087 907 Email: Linkedin:
Jaga UK
SE & London (South of the Thames) - Jaga UK
Tel: 01531 631 533 Email: Linkedin:
Carol Auchterlounie
North East - Carol Auchterlounie
Tel: 07778 003 751 Email: Linkedin:
Liz Fake
SE & London (North of the Thames) - Liz Fake
Tel: 07831 368 908 Email: Linkedin: