Victoria Square

Victoria Square

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Innovate or Die…

One of Jaga’s values is ‘innovate or die’, this value is shared by Woking Borough Council in delivering its vision of making its town centre future fit for city-style living.

It’s well known that town centres and high streets across the country have seen a decline in footfall over the years, this is mainly due to the significant increase in consumers preferring to purchase online.

This is set to account for 30% of all retail sales by 2030, compared to approximately 20% today.                  


Woking recognised the challenges it faced as far back as 2010 and chose the bold strategy of investing in its centre instead of seeing it potentially die.

The Council created a masterplan to ensure Woking became a twenty-first century town. A place to live, work, play; and a place aspiring to be Surrey’s economic hub. Important to the strategy was attracting private sector investment from businesses sharing the same vision of urbanisation and a better future.

The redevelopment of Victoria Square is a key component in achieving this plan, a £540M flagship joint venture between Woking Borough Council and shopping centre owner and investor Moyallen. The project incorporates 429 high specification apartments in two residential towers, one with thirty four storeys, and the other with thirty. A third tower will be home to a twenty two storey Hilton hotel.

The development is strengthened with investment from retail giants Marks and Spencer who feature prominently in the 11,600m2 commercial space, demonstrating that retail still has a part to play in aspirational town centres like Woking. A multi-storey car park, medical centre and two public plazas will also feature.

Of significant importance to the development is the use of green living walls to the new car park elevations. This is not for the aesthetic appeal, but designed using species that capture the greatest particulates to improve air quality around the busy hub. This development helps bring together all the aspects of visionary city-style living, providing greater social and community interaction and one that is future-proof for generations to come.


The client had initially considered using fan coil units in the ceiling void to heat and cool the residential apartments. Mark Ireland of Moyallen said:

‘Although technically a practical option, the issue was the space required to install the units, the associated attenuated duct work and the quantum of access hatches required in the ceiling, which were both costly and aesthetically unappealing.’

‘The decision was therefore taken to utilise the void space in the floor build up to accommodate a solution that would allow the units to ameliorate temperature gain and provide a heating solution when required.’ ‘Having spent a considerable period of time reviewing available options in the marketplace, we were drawn to Jaga and their expertise in this field.’

Mechanical and electrical consultancy firm TUV SUD (UK) had successfully used Jaga products previously on a project in Poland and so contacted the Company to see if it could help find the perfect solution for Victoria Square.

Jaga was challenged to provide a solution to energy- efficiently heat and comfort cool the apartments, giving residents good thermal comfort conditions throughout the year.

The client brief was clear; the solution had to be compact to fit in the specified floor slab, meet demanding heating and cooling loads, be responsive, simple to control, whisper quiet and look great.

Jaga put forward its Clima Canal Trench Convector, a compact unit measuring only 100mm high and 180mm wide. It incorporates a dynamic two pipe heat exchanger for both heating and comfort cooling circuits and a low- noise, low voltage fan and motor assembly. On paper this seemed an ideal solution but the client quite rightly wanted to see, touch, listen and measure the performance of the proposed offering.


Jaga was founded in 1962 and produces in Diepenbeek, Belgium in a 39,000m2 modern manufacturing facility. The client visited the factory in July 2018 to witness performance tests of Clima Canal in Jaga’s purpose made research laboratory. The testing was extensive; thermal outputs, air distribution and noise levels were recorded in controlled design conditions for external temperature and water flow temperature.


Although happy with the factory visit, for a project of this magnitude the client group wanted to see Clima Canal operating for real, in a similar application and with the same design parameters.

They wanted to talk to the engineers, the installers and the consumers, to fully convince themselves that Jaga was the right choice for them and all stakeholders.

Jaga operates globally and is particularly strong in North America where they have successfully supplied Clima Canal in a number of prestigious residential high-rise tower blocks. David Burns, Sir Robert McAlpine project manager for Victoria Square said:

‘We had to make absolutely sure that Jaga’s Clima Canal was the ultimate option for Victoria Square. We visited five sites in total, conducted additional testing and spoke face to face with all the stakeholders. I was impressed with what I saw and heard, and returned fully satisfied that Jaga was the way forward.’


Mark Ireland added:

‘Jaga’s solution allows us to provide increased ceiling heights throughout the apartments and maximise the utilisation of the floor plate to lettable space. It is hoped the increased internal space will add to the marketability of the units and their appeal to the target demographic, who look for quality, value, technological innovation and a more sustainable way of living.’
‘As well as the spatial benefits afforded to the development by the Clima Canal system, the acoustic performance of the units was vital to the clients challenging requirements, whilst also providing a system that was easily maintained with minimal disruption to our future tenants.’


Jaga UK was subsequently successful in securing the order for Victoria Square. It is the biggest single order in the company’s history with 1,669 individual pieces of Clima Canal, joined together they would extend to over 2.6km.

Phil Mangnall, Jaga UK managing director said:

‘We are clearly thrilled to have secured this order. It was a challenging process trying to satisfy all the stakeholders but ultimately we did. I’m extremely proud of my team here in the UK, but proud too of the support provided from colleagues around the world. Briggs and Forrester commenced installation of our Clima Canal in October 2019 and I look forward to seeing the project progress through to phased completion in 2020.’

Jaga UK is devoted to supplying great HVAC products through great people. We do this by designing and developing ecologically sustainable products that positively impact our planet and through working tirelessly to create a positive environment for our employees, customers and partners.

Our ideal world is built around our five core values that guide us and keep us focused on sustainability, creativity and social responsibility.


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  • Moyallen
  • Sir Robert McAlpine
  • Benoy
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