Thyssen Krupp

Thyssen Krupp

Application: Offices & Public Buildings

When German multinational conglomerate, ThyssenKrupp AG, relocated its operational headquarters to Essen, the new ‘Quartier’ building was designed as an architectural masterpiece with a heavy focus on sustainability and natural resource efficiency.

Featuring a grand ‘shell-core’ design with a heat-sapping glass façade, vast spaces needed to be warmed effectively and efficiently – 2300 Jaga Mini Canal trench heaters were the perfect all-encompassing solution.

The Mini Canal is usually installed into discreet floor trenches 90mm to 190mm deep, but for ThyssenKrupp Jaga happily provided bespoke depths upon request from the client. Once installed, ThyssenKrupp had a choice of 25 metallic and wood grille covers to suit the contemporary aesthetics of the building.

In keeping with the sustainability drive, the trench heaters feature low-mass, low water content technology. Jaga’s Low-H₂O heat exchanger makes for a highly efficient radiator, using just a tenth of the water required by a standard steel panel radiator. Each Mini Canal unit boasts an output range of 152W to 4184W, providing ample warmth to the offices and atrium from their location in front of the glass façades.

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