The Wirral

The Wirral

Application: Private & Public Housing

Jaga Strada radiators have been used in the bedrooms, kitchens and living spaces of four new-build bungalows for families with children who have disabilities. Incorporating Jaga’s LowH2O technology, the Strada radiators provide ultra-fast and perfectly regulated heating for this project.

They also offer average energy savings of 10% against equivalent output steel panel radiators resulting in both immediate and lifetime savings on heating costs for Wirral Methodist HA’s tenants. Another prime reason for the choice of Strada radiators was the potential vulnerability of the homes’ occupants.

The surface of the Strada remains safe to touch at all times and there is no exposed pipe work. The risk of the children unwittingly burning themselves is therefore mitigated. With a slim, compact and attractive design, the Strada does not jut out into the room yet offers excellent air distribution and circulation to prevent humidity build-up or mould formation in cold spots.

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