Tanzende Turme

Tanzende Turme

Application: Offices & Public Buildings

The Tanzende Türme (or “dancing towers”) building in Hamburg is a multi-purpose space, and includes offices, restaurants, and a nightclub. Known as the dancing towers, the construction is unique in its striking bent façade of steel and glass. It features external LED strip lights and is equipped with a hurricane-proof deflection pane.

The building won the MIPIM Award in 2014 for the Best Office and Business Development, and came third in the BDA Architecture Prize in 2012. It is a LEED Gold certified building that is installed with 1,591 pieces of Jaga Mini Freestanding and 61 pieces of Jaga Mini Canal.

The radiators use Low-H₂O technology, and ensure no heat is lost through the glazed facade. They offer maximum heat emission with the lowest energy consumption, and are powered with an ultra-fast and super conducive heat exchanger.

The Mini Canal is an under-floor unit that reacts quickly to fluctuations in temperature and is tailored to match the interior designs of buildings.