Sunpower CO2ttage

Sunpower CO2ttage

Application: Private & Public Housing

Sustainability and Innovation Manager at Radian Group, Paul Ciniglio completely retrofitted his own home and achieved an 80% reduction in his household carbon dioxide emissions. To distribute heat efficiently, Paul combined Jaga’s Strada with Dynamic Boost Effect (DBE) technology with Daikin’s Altherma air heat pump. The six radiators – located in the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, and hallway, together with a heated bathroom towel rail – deliver an environmentally friendly heating solution and substantially reduce CO2 emissions.

Paul’s home, known as the Sunpower CO2ttage, is a part of the ‘Old Home Super Home’ network alliance, which aims to reduce its carbon footprint by applying sustainable home technology. Thanks to his innovative solutions, the alliance regards his house as one of the most energy efficient homes in Hampshire. The eight month-long retrofit project achieved an improved standard that was more than double current building regulations. As the Innovation Manager at the Radian Group, an award winning provider of affordable housing, Paul has years of environmental home building experience.

Paul’s choice to use Jaga heating was based on the success of a 2008 Radian Group project located in Grayshott, Hampshire, in which he used Jaga’s Strada radiators. This project, consisting of 2 x 2 bed houses and 2 x 2 bed bungalows, was built to ‘Code For Sustainable Homes’ level 3 standard, and Jaga played a critical role in lowering energy consumption. The Strada, part of Jaga’s Energy Savers range, benefits from intelligent Low-H2O technology based on the concepts of low mass and low water.  

With only one tenth of the weight and water content of a traditional steel panel radiator, the powerful Low-H2O element offers rapid yet regulated heating and has a reaction time that is three times faster than the performance of an ordinary radiator. The addition of the DBE unit to the Low-H2O heat exchanger makes it possible to boost output by as much as 250%, allowing for smaller, more powerful radiators that are highly responsive and perform efficiently at flow temperatures as low as 40˚C. The Strada DBE radiator is a small, slim-line high-efficiency unit that uses significantly less water than conventional radiators with its Low-H2O specifications, equating to a 10-15% energy bill saving.

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