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Stevenage Council

Application: Offices & Public Buildings

As part of a £400,000 refurbishment, Stevenage Borough Council recently installed Jaga’s energy-efficient Oxygen system to provide the office with both heat and ventilation. The office holds up to 50 members of staff; and without an adequate ventilation system, this previously resulted in high levels of CO2. This poor indoor air quality creates a humid and uncomfortable feeling, drowsiness and inattentiveness.

The building, which was built more than 50 years ago when Stevenage new town was built, previously used underfloor heating as its main source of heating. However this proved to be a costly system to service in terms of fixing or replacing faulty parts, as this had to be outsourced meaning the council was unable to control maintenance costs.

Jaga’s Oxygen system was selected to prevent CO2 build up as it features hidden fan units, which allow fresh, filtered air from outside to refresh the office. The Oxygen technology, which is built into Jaga’s Strada radiators, consists of four components, which work together to provide a controlled cycle of clean air. The Oxygen refresh decentralised supply units, built into Jaga’s Low-H2O radiators, bring in outside air and then filter it.

Depending on the CO2 concentration measurements, the Oxygen master central control regulates the balanced intake and exhaust of air allowing the oXygen exhaust unit to send stale air outside. Not only do Jaga’s Oxygen radiators ventilate, they also heat up the room, which ensures a comfortable temperature is maintained. Oxygen can also provide night time free cooling during the summer months.

Jaga’s Strada is able to provide optimum heat levels during the winter months, while also ventilating the room, providing the staff with maximum comfort levels throughout all seasons. The Strada features Jaga’s Low-H2O technology, which means it uses 90% less water than traditional steel-panel radiators, helping to reduce overall costs and carbon emissions.

Brian Ginn, Building Services Manager at Stevenage Borough Council, is extremely pleased with the results: “The Jaga Oxygen system is very impressive – I now have complete control over the heating system by monitoring the CO2 levels in the room, and can amend the output as and when it’s required. The office is now much more comfortable.

“The Strada radiators met the brief perfectly, in terms of style – we needed a discreet and compact unit. In addition to cooling and heating the office, Jaga’s Low-H20 radiators also allow us to comply with standard energy-efficient requirements which in turn help to keep overall costs down too.”

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