Steeple Church

Steeple Church

Application: Churches & Historical Buildings

Located in the heart of Dundee, sits Steeple Church – a place of worship dating as far back as the 12th Century when David Earl of Huntington first laid its original foundations. The current building dates back to 1789 but has recently undergone a £760,000 refurbishment funded by donations from its faithful congregation.

The works involved refurbishing the Church sanctuary and entrance with two adjoining halls, as well as installing a lift shaft, creating a new office and relocating the existing kitchen. As with many other churches now being refurbished, Steeple Church also faced the latter day challenges of keeping an historic building warm for parishioners and clergy alike while conserving its heritage features and minimising the environmental impact of the heating system – especially important at a time of rising energy prices.

With a successful working relationship already established from other projects, Allan Cumming Associates again turned to Jaga for the answer to the heating requirements.

Allan Cumming chose Jaga Strada DBE radiators primarily due to their compact and unobtrusive design – ideal for providing powerful heating while blending into the church’s decor. Fitted around the perimeter of the sanctuary, in the kitchen, and in the bathroom area, each Low-H2O heat exchanger in the Strada radiators has a DBE convector fan fixed on to top of the element.  This combination results in a low mass, fast response radiator that reaches the desired heating level far faster than traditional radiators and consumes considerably less energy meaning environmental and economic benefits. The Strada DBE radiators also offer even heat distribution. In operation the Strada radiators are whisper quiet at less than 35 dB(A) even when operating at its highest  output  boost mode so they do not even disturb worshippers in silent prayer.

Due to the lack of space around the chancel area, Jaga Clima Canal trench heaters were built in horizontally to the risers of the stairs that lead to the altar, to provide heating to the most sacred area of the church which could not be effectively heated by wall-mounted radiators. Again based on Low-H2O heat exchangers, the Clima Canal also incorporates specially designed thermal activators developed to deliver high output within compact dimensions.

Jaga’s Mini Canal trench heating was also installed in runs in the floor at the front and back of the church. Unobtrusive with a wooden grille, the Mini Canal discreetly prevents unwanted draughts and condensation forming on the church’s windows.

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