St Marys Longfleet

St Marys Longfleet

Application: Churches & Historical Buildings

St Mary’s, Longfleet, in Poole, Dorset is a Grade II listed Church of England parish church offering an informal atmosphere of worship for, like many churches, a multi-generational congregation.

Built in the early 1830’s and consecrated in September 1833, the Gothic style church has been considerably modified in the ensuing years. However, the original northwest tower and spire remain one of Poole’s most important landmarks to this day.

The most recent building works saw the redevelopment of the church centre which is a heavily used facility serving both the church and the entire local community.  The aims of the redevelopment were to provide a 450m2 space that would allow St Mary’s to have all its Sunday groups housed in one building; to increase the opportunities for different social and activity groups to use facilities together; to cater for the needs of a regular café and to enhance delivery of parenting, marriage and pastoral training.

St Mary’s wanted to create a warm and inviting environment for the new centre, the design brief called for a new energy efficient heating system to be installed. The solution also had to have quick response times given that the centre is not in continuous use but at odd hours during the day. It also had to be safe for all visitors to the centre, especially the elderly and young who tend to be among the most frequent users.

Worldwise had prior experience of successful working with Jaga on a number of other ecclesiastical projects in the South Coast area – including the refurbishment of Bridport Unified Church and St Luke’s Church in the heart of the New Forest – so selected them again as the manufacturer that could provide the best all-encompassing radiator specification and supply service. After taking the time to understand the specific needs of the project, Jaga’s Technical Estimator, Justin Vicarage, visited the site to take measurements and performed a survey that ultimately led to the recommendation of Jaga’s Tempo Low Surface Temperature (LST) radiators.

Continuous runs of Tempo LST were installed along the walls as well as shaped to fit in and out of the corners of each of the centre’s three main meeting spaces as well as the large hall. As well as giving the visual appearance of one long, sleek radiator with the Continuous Tempo LST concealing all distribution pipework, it always operates at temperatures below 43°C making them entirely safe to touch – even when running at maximum output.

On project completion Justin Vicarage commented: “The new centre is very much at the heart of this community; its users drawn from right across the age and socio-economic demographics. The events happening in the centre are what actually draw them in but it is the comfortable environment provided by the Continuous Tempo LST that is a major factor in bringing them back time after time.”

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